What is a Conversion Kit?

When you are looking at your options for a new bike or electric bikes, there are choices that you might not have even realized when it comes to powering your bike. Sure, another traditional bike was what you were thinking about, even though the thought didn’t really appeal to you. Maybe you are getting older and doing all that work to get up and down the hills isn’t as easy as it used to be. But did you know that it could be? A traditional bike can be altered to run like an electric bike with a simple conversion kit added on. Getting a conversion kit to make one a bike one of many electric bikes is a smart idea for many reasons and one that will probably make you happy in the long run.


electric bike


Save Money on Electric Bikes

  • If you were out shopping for a new traditional bike, then you were preparing to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a bike anyway. But what if you could save the money on buying a new bike and apply it to the conversion kit to add to your existing bike and make it one of the electric bikes you see on the streets? You might have just killed two birds with one stone. Instead of spending money on another bike that you would only use some of the time, buy a conversion kit and apply it to a bike you already have so you can use it all the time, and it becomes like one of the electric bikes you see in stores.


  • A conversion kit contains the motor, the parts and electronics in order to make a traditional bike powered by a motor. Your bike that has a motor attached (one of the electric bikes) to it will now be more usable to you because you don’t have to worry about going up and down those hills anymore since you have some backup power to assist you with the peddles. A conversion kit is a lot cheaper than buying something else electric to help you on hills, such as a golf cart or an ATV.


  • A conversion kit on a bike can also help you save money in other ways. Instead of jumping in the car and using gas to go to the store for a couple of items, hop on your bike. You won’t use any gas, just the watts from the motor that was being operated by the battery. And while you are saving money on gas, you are getting a little bit of exercise in the process.

Added Power on Electric Bikes

  • If your age is creeping a little bit higher, you still want exercise but not necessarily all of it you need to get around town. When that is the case, peddle when you want to and take a rest when you want and let the motor do the work. These electric bikes still allows you to peddle and get exercise, the motor for electric bikes can be saved for backup once you get tired. That way you can still go out and exercise but know you will get home safely even if your legs get tired.

Usability for Electric Bikes

  • Adding a conversion kit for electric bikes to your bike will make it more usable for you. Instead of putting a bike aside and letting it collect dust because you don’t want the work of riding, you will use an electric bike or multiple electric bikes. You know it won’t be so hard to do and the motor can help you through the hard or tiring times. Your old bike might get even more use know than ever before.


  • Conversion kits for electric bikes can be purchased from any of the stores that sell electric bikes. They may be found at in-person stores as well as through online stores that handle bikes and bike parts. Make sure you purchase a conversion kit that will work with the size and style of your current bike frame. If you have questions, ask the sales rep before you make a purchase. They can measure if necessary or guide you in the measuring process for you bike.


  • Conversion kits can be added on to your bike with a little bit of work or you can have a bike shop do the install. The install might cost a little more money but then you can rest assured that it was done right and you won’t need to worry about the motor falling off from your electric bikes or the wires becoming disconnected when you are on the sidewalk somewhere; electric bikes are stable.

Electric bikes are a fine investment for anybody looking for affordable and versatile transportation.