Top 10 Electric Bikes for 2011

The Best Electric Bike for 2011


Just like any other product, there are certain names that uphold a better tradition and reputation with a different brand name. That doesn’t mean that a small, newer brand name can’t produce an excellent item, it might just mean it takes a bit longer to get some deserved recognition. To save you from doing research and to help the brands who don’t get their deserved recognition, here are some of the top brands of electric bikes that are being made and used on the market today.


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Brands for the Electric Bike


  • One brand of bike may have an excellent reputation for fast electric bikes. However, if you simply need a little power on your peddles when you are going for a ride through the park, speed may mean nothing to you. The same goes if you want speed. A superb bike meant for touring won’t win you any races, no matter how comfortable the seat and handle bars are. You have to consider what the needs are for the bike, as well as the reputation of the brand to determine what kind of bike is the right choice for you.


Schwinn and the Electric Bike


  • Schwinn electric bicycles are known for the quality and their comfort for a ride through the park or across town on the elctric bike. The traditional bikes made by Schwinn were also known for their quality and durability and that has crossed over in to their electric bike brand as well. The frames for the electric bike are still of sturdy aluminum construction and made in America, if that is important to you. Schwinn electric bike devices come with small to medium sized motors on bikes meant for touring the countryside or for ones to get across a little bit of rugged terrain. They have many styles and sizes to choose from, making this another reason why it is a top brand.


  • The IF Reach brand of electric bike are known for their racing abilities. The electric bike that they make have motors that generally have more watts powering them on a light frame meant to go smoothly and quickly through a course, on the road or off. However, IF Reach also makes bikes that are foldable, convenient and easy to use for people who like to travel with their bike. The bikes are lightweight and designed to fold down easily so that anyone can lift it and put it in the back of a vehicle. When you want to get to work in a hurry or if you simply want to go on vacation and see the sights faster than if you were walking, IF Reach is the brand for you.


  • IZIP electric bikes are meant for people who love the environment. The IZIP motors are so quiet on their electric bikes, people don’t even realize they are electric. The motors can carry a charge, but not for long distances. They also don’t get to high speeds, but they aren’t meant to. The IZIP bikes were created for people who have short to medium commutes and are tired of wasting money on gas. The eco-friendly design of the bike makes it appealing for city dwellers who want to avoid congestion and get to where they are going without a wait – or the expense of a full gas tank.

Northern Industrial

  • Northern Industrial electric bike devices have a sturdy, rugged look to their models. The frames of the electric bike are thicker, so the electric bike looks like it could go cross-country over any type of terrain easily, However, the comfortable seat and handlebars on the electric bike also make it look like a nice bike to ride on a sunny day in the park. The versatility of this electric bike brand make it popular to all types of bike enthusiasts. When people need to get to work without getting in a car, this electric bike model will perform reliably for the long term. The brand is known for durability and unique designs, making them almost seem one of a kind to the owner.

No matter which brand of electric bike you choose, make sure it works for you. Don’t be pressured in to buying a more expensive race bike if you only want to get to work each day. Choose a bike based on its performance and rating on what you need it to do. Whether it is to get you to school quickly or to win the race across the desert, you are the person who determines what the best electric bike for you is.

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