Schwinn Searcher e8 Electric Bike

The Schwinn Searcher e8 has been a very popular bike for a while. We all equate the name Schwinn with quality ever since childhood because of the great reputation that the company has. This bike has a retail price of $2679 and you can buy it today for only $999 at Performance Bicycle!

Schwinn Searcher e8

The Schwinn Searcher e8 is an ideal bike for short distance commuting as well as recreation. If your destination is no more than 20 miles away, getting there on the Schwinn Searcher e8 electric bike makes a lot more sense than driving. It’s healthier, a lot more fun  and considering today’s gas prices, it’s a lot more economical, too. The front wheel-mounted motor churns out 250 watts of continuous power and 450 watts of peak power. As you pedal, the powerful motor gives you an assist that propels you faster on the flats and takes much of the effort out of climbing hills. The Toshiba battery pack is cleanly integrated into the rear rack and charges fully in only 30 minutes. If you’re looking for a way to end the pain at the pump, it’s time to connect with the Schwinn Searcher e8.

Look at some comments of current owners of the Schwinn Seracher e8:

  • I also own a Currie Eco-ride, so that is the basis of my comparison/review. The Searcher and the Eco-ride ride about the same, although the Eco-ride seem to have more power (but the same specifications for the battery). The main differences between the Searcher and the Currie are the battery gauge, the time it takes to charge the battery and the range. The charge time on the Searcher is 30 to 40 minutes, 4 hours for the Currie. That speaks for itself.
  • After 250 miles, I love this bike more every mile.
  • Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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