R Martin R10 black electric bicycle

The R Martin R10 black electric bicycle is brought to us by R Martin Limited,  headquartered in Austin, TX. Since 2005, R Martin has offered a wide range of electric powered mobility products. Representing the countries largest manufacturers for mobility products, health and wellness products, and electric bicycles. The R10 has been around a few years and has proven to be a winner.

Martin R10Although Martin sells direct, you get your best deal when buying it through Sears. You don’t typically find electric bikes in a Sears store though. But currently, Sears has a free shipping offer on this item in addition to a price of $1299 for an electric bike that lists for $1899.

The R Martin R10 Electric Bicycle New 2012 version of the popular R10 is shipping now. The new build includes a new 250 watt motor (500 watt peak) , upgraded rear suspension and an adjustable Rock Shox Dart 2 front shock. The “R” series bikes are our top models designed to be comfortable and long lasting. These are the finest electric bikes we have ever offered and compare to electric bikes costing more than twice as much.

The R Martin R10 is a premium power-assist electric bicycle, utilizing our patented bracket mounted motor drive technology. R Martin electric bicycles let you commute and run your errands easily and quickly. You also are able to exercise if you want without exhausting yourself.

The R10 gets you where you want to go and how you want to go as it has variable assist electric power so you can pedal as much or as little as you want. You even have a variable twist throttle so you can glide along without pedaling at all. Travel faster and with ease. Commuting, shopping, camping, or just out riding in your neighborhood is a breeze on the R Martin R10.

Our “R” series bikes let you climb hills easier and with less effort. Ride as a regular bicycle or use the extra power when you need it. Keep up with the crowd. Three assistance levels give you the freedom and confidence to ride farther and keep pace with stronger riders. Save time and money Our R10 is a bike and can be ridden anywhere a bike can go – even sidewalks. Glide past the congestion and reduce your commuting time. Plug in and recharge for pennies and you are ready to go again. A Fun, clean and green mode of transportation.

Look at some of these great features:

  • Our new 2012 hub motor version of the R10 uses a powerful 350 watt hub motor. The R10-H is perfect if you want a simple design that has excellent power and range. The R10-H electric bike is a great choice for both price and functionality. Powerful mountain bike style electric bicycle from R Martin. This is our most popular electric bike with full suspension, disk brakes, and our 350 watt hub motor.
  • The R10 includes front and rear disk brakes and an adjustable Rockshox Dart 2 fork.
  • The R10 is built with full suspension for comfort. Quality components make the R10 easy to ride.
  • A torque sensor works along with the 3-level pedal assist on this model. The power assist is adjusted up or down based on the force applied to the pedals. This feature delivers more power when you need it and conserves power for easy cruising. Lithium batteries combined with the powerful 350 watt hub motor allow you to travel farther. A 36 volt, 10 amp hour lithium battery pack provides plenty of power for even the toughest hills. Range is 25 to 30 miles with normal pedaling.

In addition, the Martin R10 has an aluminum alloy frame for corrosion resistance and minimizing it’s weight. Double walled tires to help prevent flats, both throttle control and peddle assist for flexibility in how you control it. The Martin R10 is also available in silver instead of black.


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