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Is An Electric Bike In Your Future

With gas prices as high as they are and most people looking too save money any way that they can, an electric bike may be a nice option for short distance transportation. Bicycle enthusiasts also benefit from owning an electric bike as it’s great to have the option to have the peddling done for you or at least assist you. With battery technology constantly improving and the battery being the most important component of an electric bike, it’s no wonder that both the quality and popularity keep going up as more people discover all the benefits of owning an electric bike.

Although shopping for an electric bike can get complicated, Electric Bike Guru makes it easy. Whether you want to become an expert on the subject before buying, choose the most appropriate electric bike for your needs or are looking for the best deals around; electric bike guru has done the work for you.

As spring has finally come and the biking season picks up, this site will continue to grow with more research and information to assit you in selecting the best electric bike for you.

How Much Money Will You Save Using an Electric Bike?

man riding electric bikeIf you are thinking about buying an electric bike but not sure if it’s worth the money, perhaps the information here will enlighten you. It’s possible that you’re planning on buying a bike and just can’t decide to buy an electric bike or a conventional bike. Well you may be in for a surprise how quickly an electric bike can pay for itself and then keep on saving you money. Of course this depends on how much you use the bike instead of your car.

With the price of gas at an all time high, the money you’ll save on gas alone will probably have you in the black very quickly. An electric bike costs literally pennies per day in electricity to keep it charged.

Costs of parking and tolls will be a thing of the past as an electric bike is still a bike and not subject to tolls and you won’t have to pay to lock it up at your destination.

They say that time is money and some of us can waste a lot of time in traffic and/or just looking for a parking space when driving everywhere.

Most families really need multiple transportation vehicles but some families really can’t afford a second car. An electric bike is a perfect solution for those trips that a car isn’t really necessary. It’s the perfect solution when you can get by without using a car but you may just not want to pedal to your destination. The savings on gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. from not owning a second car, would be substantial.

woman riding electric bikeYour health is bound to improve as even if you rely on the bike to do the bulk of the work, you will be more inclined to get some exercise from whatever pedaling you decide to do. Any exercise has proven to be good for us and we may save a bundle by minimizing doctors’ visits and medication or or even time lost at work from being sick!

There are probably many other savings that can be associated with taking advantage of an electric bike as many people have already found out.

R Martin R10 black electric bicycle

The R Martin R10 black electric bicycle is brought to us by R Martin Limited,  headquartered in Austin, TX. Since 2005, R Martin has offered a wide range of electric powered mobility products. Representing the countries largest manufacturers for mobility products, health and wellness products, and electric bicycles. The R10 has been around a few years and has proven to be a winner.

Martin R10Although Martin sells direct, you get your best deal when buying it through Sears. You don’t typically find electric bikes in a Sears store though. But currently, Sears has a free shipping offer on this item in addition to a price of $1299 for an electric bike that lists for $1899.

The R Martin R10 Electric Bicycle New 2012 version of the popular R10 is shipping now. The new build includes a new 250 watt motor (500 watt peak) , upgraded rear suspension and an adjustable Rock Shox Dart 2 front shock. The “R” series bikes are our top models designed to be comfortable and long lasting. These are the finest electric bikes we have ever offered and compare to electric bikes costing more than twice as much.

The R Martin R10 is a premium power-assist electric bicycle, utilizing our patented bracket mounted motor drive technology. R Martin electric bicycles let you commute and run your errands easily and quickly. You also are able to exercise if you want without exhausting yourself.

The R10 gets you where you want to go and how you want to go as it has variable assist electric power so you can pedal as much or as little as you want. You even have a variable twist throttle so you can glide along without pedaling at all. Travel faster and with ease. Commuting, shopping, camping, or just out riding in your neighborhood is a breeze on the R Martin R10.

Our “R” series bikes let you climb hills easier and with less effort. Ride as a regular bicycle or use the extra power when you need it. Keep up with the crowd. Three assistance levels give you the freedom and confidence to ride farther and keep pace with stronger riders. Save time and money Our R10 is a bike and can be ridden anywhere a bike can go – even sidewalks. Glide past the congestion and reduce your commuting time. Plug in and recharge for pennies and you are ready to go again. A Fun, clean and green mode of transportation.

Look at some of these great features:

  • Our new 2012 hub motor version of the R10 uses a powerful 350 watt hub motor. The R10-H is perfect if you want a simple design that has excellent power and range. The R10-H electric bike is a great choice for both price and functionality. Powerful mountain bike style electric bicycle from R Martin. This is our most popular electric bike with full suspension, disk brakes, and our 350 watt hub motor.
  • The R10 includes front and rear disk brakes and an adjustable Rockshox Dart 2 fork.
  • The R10 is built with full suspension for comfort. Quality components make the R10 easy to ride.
  • A torque sensor works along with the 3-level pedal assist on this model. The power assist is adjusted up or down based on the force applied to the pedals. This feature delivers more power when you need it and conserves power for easy cruising. Lithium batteries combined with the powerful 350 watt hub motor allow you to travel farther. A 36 volt, 10 amp hour lithium battery pack provides plenty of power for even the toughest hills. Range is 25 to 30 miles with normal pedaling.

In addition, the Martin R10 has an aluminum alloy frame for corrosion resistance and minimizing it’s weight. Double walled tires to help prevent flats, both throttle control and peddle assist for flexibility in how you control it. The Martin R10 is also available in silver instead of black.


Although the Prodeco Marine Electric Bike isn’t a blowout special, it’s a good deal because it’s a very unique bike that is brand new and in high demand. The  Prodeco Marine Electric Bike is a folding electric bike and it’s also made of aluminum. This $899 bike is great for all weather use and for the traveler because it’s so easy to bring anywhere. With demand so high, the West Marine boating company is the best place to order one considering the specialty aspect of this electric bike.

Designed for the boating enthusiast in a salty environment, it will probably last forever!  Look at some of these great features:

  • Prodeco MarinerPatented Aluminum Folding Frames – Fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum
  • USA Built – All Prodeco electric bicycles are designed, assembled and quality controlled in the USA.
  • 2 Year Front to Back Warranty – this is almost unheard of as it’s a front to back warranty that even includes the batteries without pro-rating them!
  • LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery Systems – the latest lithium technology increases the cycle life to 2000 plus from about 700 with older technology lithium batteries.
  • High Performance Braking System – The Mariner utilizes a Promax DSK400 Front Caliper and Polygon Disc Rotor with a TX120 Rear V Brake holding aluminum cartridges and RED shoes.
  • 12G Stainless Steel Spokes – Stainless Steel 12G spokes are thicker and up to 100% stronger than the typical 14G spokes found on most traditional bicycles.
  • Folding Handlebar with Height Adjustability – Riders come in all sizes and with the Mariner’s adjustable height handlebar, riders from 5’ 3” to 6’ 3” can adjust it for optimum comfort.
  • And this list goes on and on

Prodeco is one of the top electric bike manufacturers and they have a winner here. West Marine relies on outstanding customer service, selection and quality as its anchor and has been around since 1977. West Marine’s success has been the result of its strong connection to the boating community, carrying over 50,000 different items that cater to the boating community throughout the world. They even have a low price guarantee so order your Mariner today. Just click on show all categories on their website and select Bikes under Coolers, Bikes & Boating Accessories.


Find thousands of products for boating, sailing, fishing and watersports at WestMarine. Click Here!

Schwinn Searcher e8 Electric Bike

The Schwinn Searcher e8 has been a very popular bike for a while. We all equate the name Schwinn with quality ever since childhood because of the great reputation that the company has. This bike has a retail price of $2679 and you can buy it today for only $999 at Performance Bicycle!

Schwinn Searcher e8

The Schwinn Searcher e8 is an ideal bike for short distance commuting as well as recreation. If your destination is no more than 20 miles away, getting there on the Schwinn Searcher e8 electric bike makes a lot more sense than driving. It’s healthier, a lot more fun  and considering today’s gas prices, it’s a lot more economical, too. The front wheel-mounted motor churns out 250 watts of continuous power and 450 watts of peak power. As you pedal, the powerful motor gives you an assist that propels you faster on the flats and takes much of the effort out of climbing hills. The Toshiba battery pack is cleanly integrated into the rear rack and charges fully in only 30 minutes. If you’re looking for a way to end the pain at the pump, it’s time to connect with the Schwinn Searcher e8.

Look at some comments of current owners of the Schwinn Seracher e8:

  • I also own a Currie Eco-ride, so that is the basis of my comparison/review. The Searcher and the Eco-ride ride about the same, although the Eco-ride seem to have more power (but the same specifications for the battery). The main differences between the Searcher and the Currie are the battery gauge, the time it takes to charge the battery and the range. The charge time on the Searcher is 30 to 40 minutes, 4 hours for the Currie. That speaks for itself.
  • After 250 miles, I love this bike more every mile.
  • Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Meanwhile, Performance Bike has thrived on its ability to meet and anticipate customer needs. They have offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products sold since the early beginnings of our company. This led to other equally significant services and policies like our Overnight Shipping and Price Protection Plan which allows you to receive your product the next business day at the best price. Performance Bicycle also has daily specials on biking atire and accessories and they won’t rip you off on shipping charges.
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